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Personalizing messages to each contact is a great way to increase your reply rates. Messages can be personalized within the Preview and Tasks tabs of a sequence or within the Tasks dashboard. We recommend personalizing the initial message in the sequence and we can help you handle the follow-ups!

Enable the Require Personalized Message setting

You can enable the Require Personalized Message setting if you want every contact to receive a personalized message for a specific email step.

Enabling this setting will remind you when it's time to personalize the message for the contact and will even add it to your pending Manual Tasks list. Contacts will not be emailed until the message has been personalized.

Follow the steps below to enable the setting:

  1. Click the gear icon in the email step to open the Email Step Settings.
  2. Toggle the Require Personalized Message button.
  3. Click Save.
  4. You'll now see an indicator message at the top of your email step stating that it requires personalization.

Note: Stats for personalized messages will appear in the the Totals & Averages for the step that was personalized. 

Important: Personalized messages will remain with the original sequence and can only be transferred to another user or sequence when the option is selected during the transfer process.

Personalize messages in the Manual Tasks tab and dashboard

If you have the Require personalized message setting enabled, this will add pending personalized messages to appear in your Manual Tasks tab and Dashboard. This makes creating personalized messages to multiple contacts a smooth process!

Follow these steps to complete a personalization task:

  1. Navigate to the Tasks tab in the sequence.
  2. Select the contact you would like to personalize the message for from the Tasks list. 
  3. After selecting the contact, you can edit the message and personalize it to your liking in the editor.
  4. After personalizing the message, click Save to save the changes. Once the message has been saved for the contact, it will display the next contact's message in the editor for you to personalize. 

Personalize messages in the Tasks dashboard

In the Tasks dashboard, you will see a list of contacts that are waiting for personalized emails. You can also see an overview for each contact to help you craft your message.

In order to see the list of contacts who require personalization in the Tasks dashboard, the sequences they exist in need to be launched first.

Note: Contacts can also be removed from the Tasks dashboard if you no longer want to email them by clicking the trash can icon. This will remove the contact from the sequence.

You can also switch between teammates to personalize emails in their sequences by clicking the drop-down menu on the left-hand side:

Personalize messages in the Chrome extension

You can personalize messages directly from our Chrome Extension after looking up a contact's email. This is helpful if you want to personalize the message based off of the contact's LinkedIn profile or even on a recent post of theirs.

Note: You can only personalize messages from our extension while doing an individual email lookup.

After saving the contact to your sequence, you will see the extension window display a field to personalize the email for the contact. Once you've crafted your message, click Save Personalized Messages. This will automatically update the message in your email sequence.

Personalize individual messages in sequences

To personalize a message for an individual contact, follow these steps:
  1. Navigate to the Preview tab in the sequence.
  2. Search for the contact in the search bar above the Email Editor.
  3. After selecting the contact, edit and personalize the message in the Email Editor.
  4. Lastly, click Save.

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