Editing contact errors in the Tasks Dashboard

Learn how to edit and view contact errors from the Tasks Dashboard.

Contacts will appear in the the Needs Attention tab across all sequences if there is an error that needs to be resolved before Interseller can send the contact messages.

These errors can be edited in the Tasks dashboard and by clicking on the contact to open their contact profile.

Once you open a contact's profile, you can do the following:

  1. Fix the contact error based on what the error is (i.e. add the missing info for the required custom field) 
  2. Ignore the error by clicking on the eye icon
  3. Remove the contact by clicking on the trash bin icon 
  4. View which sequence the contact error is for by clicking on the page icon 

Editing contact errors in bulk 

You can also edit contact errors in bulk by selecting the checkbox next to "name" and  choosing to either ignore the contact errors or remove the contacts. 

Filtering contact errors in bulk

Contact errors can be filtered by the type of error so you can edit the errors at a more granular level. 

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