What do the contact statuses and verdicts mean?

What do the contact statuses and verdicts mean.

When you first add contacts into a sequence, they will display with one of the following states:

  • GOOD: Indicated by a blue checkmark which means we verified that there is an inbox at the given email address and will be delivered properly to the right person.
  • RISKY: Indicated by a yellow warning symbol which means that there is an inbox there, but a possibility that you might not actually be reaching the right person.
  • INVALID: Indicated by a red "x" which means that we can guarantee emails sent to that email address will bounce

We generally advise that good and risky contacts are safe to message whereas invalid contacts should not be messaged. The less bounces you have, the greater probability your emails will not be marked as spam.

Note: Interseller will not send messages to contacts that are marked as invalid. We do not recommend clearing these invalid errors so that our system knows not to attempt sending and so that you have this information saved.

Understanding Contact Statuses

After we send the first email out, your contact can be in the following states:

  • Messaged: We sent an email out and verified deliverability
  • Ongoing: This means the contact has upcoming messages left in their queue
  • Opened: The contact has viewed your email
  • Clicked: The contact viewed your email and visited your website
  • Bounced: The email that we sent has bounced and no more emails will be sent
  • Replied: The contact has replied to you and no more emails will be sent
  • Booked: You scheduled something in your calendar with that contact
  • Paused: The contact is out of the office and not reading emails; all future messages have been paused until they return. Our system can detect when their return date is mentioned in their out-of-office reply. If there's no return date, then we'll automatically pause it for a week. 

If you are doing any lookups or bulk lookups via CSV import, you will see the above contact states as well as these additional states:

  • Exists: We have previous intelligence about that email address and we're positive that emails will be delivered properly.
  • Guess: The company's email server employs an anti-spam technique that doesn't allow email verification. Therefore, we made a best guess on the email address based on what we know about the company's website.
  • No Domains: We weren't able to get the company's website either because it wasn't provided to us or the company's name isn't well known.
  • Email Not Found: We ran our validation techniques but couldn't find an email address for that individual.
  • MX Greylist & Accept All: Just like guess, the company's email server uses an anti-spam technique, but in this case, we didn't have enough intelligence to make a guess.

All other states mean something failed on our end because we couldn't cover a specific email server case.

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