What are invalid and bounced emails?

Learn more about the differences between invalid and bounced emails.

About invalid emails

Invalid emails are indicated by a red x icon in your sequence. This means we can guarantee the emails sent to that address will bounce.

This is what an invalid email status will look like in your sequence:

By default, Interseller will not message invalid emails because there's a high chance they'll bounce. If you continue to receive bounces, your email reputation will be negatively affected so we want to help you avoid this. The less bounces you have can help your emails avoid getting caught by spam filters.

Important: We do not recommend clearing invalid errors so our system knows not to send messages to those emails. It can also help to have a record of this data for future sequences.

About bounced emails

Bounced emails are indicated by the contact status "Bounced" in your sequence. This means we attempted to send the email but it was undeliverable to the contact's inbox.

This is what the bounced status will look like in a sequence:

Frequently asked questions

What's the difference between a bounced email and invalid email?

  • A bounced email is an email that we confirmed as undeliverable.
  • An invalid email is more so an estimation that the email is likely to bounce or that you may not be reaching the right person.

A bounce is a more accurate reading than an invalid email because bounced emails have already been attempted to send while invalid emails have gone through our verification check without actually sending the email.

Are refunds issued for bounced and invalid emails?

Since we can't determine an exact reason why an email bounced, we're not able to offer a credit or refund for bounced email addresses.

We automatically issue a credit for invalid emails marked with an " X" as we've verified that these emails are invalid and will likely bounce.

Emails marked invalid with a " ?" are not credited back as we're not able to fully verify if they are actually invalid.

Is there a way to know why an email bounced?

Unfortunately, there's not much information provided by an email service to tell us why the email bounced but the information in our guide about verified email bounces should give you some ideas.

You can try reading the contents of the bounced message in your inbox but normally it's very generic and is still hard to determine an exact reason.

If a contact's email bounces or is invalid, how can I find the correct email address?

We have about a 95% accuracy rate for our email lookups so it's unlikely that you will be able to find the correct address elsewhere.

If you've emailed the contact's work address and you're on our Recruiter plan, you can try doing another lookup for this contact to find their personal email address. This will count as another lookup credit and will create a new contact within your sequence. You may have a better chance of reaching them at their personal address, but we can't guarantee this.

Otherwise, you can try reaching out the contact directly via LinkedIn.

You can see how to switch your email lookup preferences here.

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