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Account Settings

Advanced Features

Learn about the different advanced features Interseller offers.

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Email Safety

Different email safety settings and features to protect your email reputation.

6 articles

Settings & Details

Learn more about setting up your email and Interseller account details.

12 articles

Chrome Extension

Adding Contacts

How to add contacts using our Chrome Extension.

2 articles

Details & Setup

More settings in the Chrome Extension.

4 articles


Steps to resolve common issues with our Chrome Extension.

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Learn about the different CRM or ATS services that Interseller integrates with.

32 articles


Exporting Reports

Learn how to use the Reports Dashboard and how to export data.

2 articles

Stats & Data

Learn more about the different stats and data in the Reports Dashboard.

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Contact Statuses & Replies

Learn more about the different contact statuses and how to fix errors.

13 articles

Custom Fields

How to use custom fields in your sequences.

2 articles

Email & Sequence Settings

Setting up your email and sequence settings.

7 articles

Email Steps

Everything you need to know about creating, editing and setting up email steps.

11 articles

Email Sending & Deliverability

How to launch sequences and solve common issues with email sending.

8 articles

Importing/Exporting Contacts & Sequences

Learn how to import and export contacts and sequences.

3 articles

Sequence Metrics & Data

Understanding your sequence data and metrics.

2 articles

Sorting & Organizing Sequences

Learn how to sort and organize you and your teammate's sequences.

5 articles

Team & Billing


Learn how to make changes to your billing information and subscription.

5 articles

Team Management

How to add more users to your team.

1 article