Fixing "missing info" contact errors

Learn how to fix and clear missing info errors.

If a contact is missing info for a custom field within the sequence, they will be marked with a "Missing Info" error in their status.

To resolve the "Missing Info" error, follow these steps:

  1. To see which custom field the contact has missing info for, hover over the contact's status.
  2. You can then click on the contact's record to open up their profile and click "Edit" to add in the missing info.
  3. Locate the custom field and add in the missing information
  4. Once the missing info is added, click "Save" to confirm the changes. The error should be cleared after saving.

If the error does not clear after saving the info for the custom field, you will need to manually clear the error by clicking on their status again and clicking "Clear Error":

To clear errors for multiple contacts in bulk, click the "Select All" checkbox and click "Clear Errors" from the drop-down menu:

Things to note:

  • Please note that there is no option to edit missing info in bulk so you must open each contact separately. You can only manually clear the errors in bulk.
  • If the custom field doesn't exist in the sequence, it can also trigger the missing info error so you can remove the field from the email step and clear the contact error.
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