Creating and using manual tasks

This guide will cover how to:

Create manual tasks Remove tasks
Switch from an email step to a task View and Complete tasks

Manual Tasks are an efficient way to set up reminders for yourself and to organize your workflow process in one place. Say you want to message a contact through LinkedIn after sending them an initial message on Interseller, you can now add this manual task step directly into your sequence!

Note: There is no limit on how many tasks can be added to a sequence. If multiple tasks need to be completed in the same day, it's best to compile those tasks into one Manual Task. If there's multiple tasks that need to be spread out within the sequence, it's best to create multiple Manual Tasks.

Creating a Task

To add a Manual Task, please follow these steps:

  1. Open up your sequenceand click "Add Step".
  2. Once the step has been added, click the gear icon.
  3. From the Step Type drop-down menu, select "Manual Task".
  4. You will also see the Days to Wait option. (This will be X amount of days since the last email step was sent.) If the Manual Task is the first step in the sequence, you can set the Days to Wait option to be "0". If the Manual Task is a follow-up step in the sequence, there's a minimum requirement of 1 day for the Days to Wait option.
  5. Click "Save" to add the Manual Task.
  6. You will notice that the email step now turns into a task with a yellow background to indicate you are editing a task instead of an email step.
  7. After adding in your task in the editor, click "Save" to ensure the task is saved. A task needs to be added in order to be saved since blank tasks cannot be saved.

Removing a Task

There is an option to delete a Manual Task, but we don’t recommend doing this when the sequence is actively sending emails as it can cause issues with your email step order. If you need to delete a task, it's best to delete it before launching sequence and sending any emails out.

To remove a Manual Task, please follow these steps:

  1. Open up the sequence and find the task you want to remove.
  2. Next to the task, click the down arrow button.
  3. Click "Remove".
  4. Click "Save" for the previous email step to save the changes.

Switching from an email step to a manual task

You can change an email step to a Manual Task by following the steps below:

  1. Open up the step you'd like to edit and click the gear icon.
  2. Select "Manual Task" from the Step Type drop-down menu.
  3. Click "Save".
  4. After switching to a task, be sure to click "Save" in the editor to save the content of the Manual Task.
Note: You can only switch from an email step to a manual task, not the other way around.

You can also determine the difference between each type of step by looking at the icon that appears next to each step in the sequence.

Email steps are indicated by a clock icon and Manual Tasks have a clipboard icon.

Manual Tasks also appear with a yellow background while email steps have a white background.

Viewing Tasks

To view your tasks, you'll need to ensure that the sequence is launched since tasks only appear when the sequence is active. Tasks will only appear in the Tasks dashboard on the day the task needs to be completed so they won't appear before they're due.

On the day the task is due, the contact will be marked with a "Pending Task" status. You can also hover over the step number to see when the scheduled task is due. The task must be completed in order for the next email step in the sequence to send out. 

You can also open up each contact's activity panel to view when tasks are scheduled and when they've been completed.

If the Daily Activity setting is enabled, we'll also include the tasks that need to be completed in your daily activity email. In the email, a link to the Tasks Dashboard will appear so you can visit the Tasks Dashboard to complete the tasks.

Completing Tasks

To complete the task, visit the Tasks Dashboard and select the "Manual" tab. A list of contacts with incomplete tasks will appear in this panel. You can select a specific contact from the list to complete the task for. 

To complete a task for a specific contact, click "Finish" for the task.

When the task is completed, it will update the task step with the number of contacts who the task was completed for in the "Finished" column within the sequence.

Note: Once a task has been completed, it cannot be undone.

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