Use fallback fields for empty custom fields

Learn how to use fallback fields for contacts that have some missing information.

If some of the contacts in your sequences have a "missing info" status for a required custom field, you can use a line of code so that there's fallback text or a space placeholder. This is a great option in case you are missing the current employer of a contact or even a contact's first name.

This is the line of code you will use for fallback text or blank space in place of the contact's empty custom field:

{{ fallback custom_field 'text or blank space' }}  

Here's how the code would look like if you use "there" as fallback text for contacts without a first name:

{{ fallback first_name 'there' }}  

Here's how the code would look like if you use a blank space as a fallback placeholder:

{{ fallback custom_field '' }}  

Here's how this will look within an email step:

To preview how the fallback field appears for a contact, click the Preview tab.

Clearing contact errors after entering missing info

If you still see the "missing info" status for a contact after entering the line of code into the email step, you can clear the error for them individually or in bulk.

To individually clear the "missing info" error for a contact, you can click on their status in the Contacts tab:

To bulk clear the error, check the box that appears on the left side of a contact > Select the Clear Errors option from the drop-down menu:

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