Emails aren't being sent

If you're seeing a delay in email sending or your emails aren't sending at all, have patience, my friend! Our system is designed to send emails out over time and run safety checks for each and every email it sends. 

Generally speaking, emails will start to send out within 10-15 minutes after launching your sequence and most issues can be resolved on your own by following the troubleshooting steps below.

We've outlined some common issues below:

Reconnecting your email account

We may lose connection with your email server from time to time. When that happens, your emails may stop sending since we've lost connection with your email account.

Not to worry! You can simply  log in to your Interseller account and click the link that displays in the upper right-hand corner of your Dashboard: 

You'll also receive an email notification with a link to log back into your account as well: 

Check for any contact errors

When looking at a sequence, click the "Needs Attention" stat filter to see which contacts have errors on them. Errors need to be resolved before emails are sent out as it's our way of preventing mistakes!

To clear errors, click the contact's status and you will see the Clear Error option:

Check for contacts that require email personalization

If contacts in a sequence require personalization, this will prevent them from being messaged until their email has been personalized. 

You can click on the contact's status to customize their message in the Preview tab:

To remove personalization from a sequence, follow these steps:

  1. Open up the Steps tab in the sequence.
  2. Select the email step and click on the gear icon.
  3. In the pop-up window, toggle off the Require Personalized Message setting and click "Save".

Email step scheduling

You can check your email step schedule by opening up the Steps tab of a sequence.

If you just added a contact today and want to send them the first email step, you will want to make sure the first email step is set to "0" days to wait. Setting this number to "0" will prompt the first step to send out within 10 minutes of the contact being added.

To adjust the step schedule, follow these steps:

  1. Select the email step and click on the gear icon.
  2. In the Step Settings pop-up, enter "0" in "Days to Wait" field and click "Save".

Email schedule settings

If you want emails to send out on specific days and times, you will want to make sure this is reflected in your email schedule settings

For example, if you launched a sequence on Monday but it isn't included in your email schedule, it won't send any emails out that day. 

Reaching Interseller volume limits

If your Interseller volume limits are reached, you will see a message appear under the sequence title highlighting this along with a time to indicate when emails will start sending again.

You can adjust your volume limits if you want to send out more emails instead of waiting for them to send out later. 

Email provider throttling your email account

Your email provider can also throttle your email account if you have reached their daily volume limits.

You will usually know if your email provider is throttling your account when you see the message  "Paused due to limits of your email account" under your sequences in the Sequence dashboard.

They might also throttle your email account temporarily if there's too many bounced emails being sent within a short period of time. 

Uploading a large set of contacts can take some time before emails get sent out

It takes some time for our system to validate each and every contact you've added. Usually uploading over a thousand contacts can cause a bit of a delay. Therefore, sending emails may be slightly delayed until we can validate those email addresses.

Editing and/or launching your sequence will add a delay to sending

Our system adds a 10 minute buffer to allow you to continue editing and modifying your sequence so it doesn't start sending emails while you're making changes to it.

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