Email sending limits

Understanding the email limits put in place by third-party email services.

Some email providers will throttle the amount of emails you can send despite the settings you have enabled in Interseller.

Though this can be disappointing, it's necessary to keep the following information in mind when you're setting up email sequences with us.

Google imposes the following limits:

  • For accounts: 500 emails within a rolling 24 hour period
  • For G Suite accounts: 2,000 emails within a rolling 24 hour period

Gmail also imposes a couple of other rules which can affect your limits such as:

  • If you use BCC, this counts against your total recipients count which is limited to 10,000 recipients in a 24 hour period
  • G Suite accounts require that you have cumulatively paid them $30 in order to be taken out of the "trial limit". We recommend making a manual payment to change your limits.

If you do send more than the specified amount, our system will automatically halt sending emails out until that period has lapsed.

Please note: Google and Yahoo have recently made some updates to their bulk sending requirements which may impact you and your team. You can read more here.

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