Enable LinkedIn Tracking (Unsupported)

Note: LinkedIn reply tracking is currently an unsupported feature. We cannot guarantee that all LinkedIn notifications will be tracked. Our Technical Support team is unable to offer additional assistance if any issues arise.

Before you begin

Interseller's LinkedIn tracking automatically marks contacts as "Replied" when you receive a LinkedIn message or an InMail from a contact.

To enable LinkedIn Tracking, you must meet the following requirements and complete all the steps listed in the sections below:

  1. You are able to receive individual email notifications from LinkedIn with your Interseller email
  2. You have enabled LinkedIn notifications
  3. You are sourcing contacts using the Interseller Chrome extension
  4. You are using LinkedIn, LinkedIn Recruiter or LinkedIn Sales Navigator

If a contact has not been messaged through Interseller, our system cannot track or update a contact's status to show they have replied through LinkedIn.

Note: LinkedIn Tracking does not track messages from your teammate's sequences or contacts.

Enable LinkedIn notifications

To enable LinkedIn notifications, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to your LinkedIn settings.
  2. Click the Communications tab.
  3. Scroll to the InMails you have received setting and set the Email frequency to Individually. Do the same for the Messages you have received setting.

Set a primary email address in LinkedIn

Next, you will need to set your Interseller email as the primary LinkedIn email to ensure you receive notifications.

To set this up, open your LinkedIn Login and security settings and select Make primary next to the same email address that you use for Interseller.

Enable LinkedIn Tracking in your Account Settings

As the last step, head to your Interseller tracking settings to enable the LinkedIn Tracking feature. At the bottom of the page, toggle the LinkedIn Tracking button on.

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