Grouping sequences together

To group sequences into a folder, select the sequences and click on the folder icon that appears at the top in the header. 

You can add the sequences to either a new folder or to an existing folder.

New sequences created within a folder will automatically be linked to it. 

Renaming a folder

Folders can't be renamed so a new folder needs to be created with the correct name. 

Removing a sequence from a folder

To remove a sequence from a folder, select a sequence and then click on the folder with an X symbol. This will move the sequence out of the folder and back into your Sequences dashboard.

Removing a folder

Folders can only be removed if all the sequences within it are removed or are archived. 

Things to Note

In the Sequences dashboard, folders will always appear at the top and sequences will always appear under it. Folders will display the number of active sequences and the total number of sequences within that folder. You can also hover over each team member's icon to see which team member's sequence is in the folder.

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