How to copy or move contacts to a new sequence

Learn how to copy and move a single contact, multiple, or all contacts between sequences.

Copying and moving contacts between sequences in Interseller will reset a contact's stats in the sequence that they are being moved to. It's important to think of these contacts as if they are brand new contacts.

There are three ways to copy or move your contacts over:

1. Copy/move a single contact

You can copy one contact over to a new sequence by clicking the ... icon to the right of their Step status. From there, click the action you want to take:

2. Copy/move multiple contacts

To move or copy multiple contacts at once, check the box next to their name and click the icon to copy or move in bulk:

3. Copy/move all contacts

To move copy or move all contacts within a sequence, check the Select All box at the top of the contact list in the sequence. From there, click the mass copy or move icon:

Helpful Tip

Try using the Filter Contacts option so you can filter contacts by their current status. This will help you filter out the contacts you want to move or copy to a new sequence.

For example, you may want to select the No Reply or Opened Email filter so you can message these contacts again in a new sequence.

To filter contacts, click the down arrow icon next to All Contacts before selecting the contacts to want to copy or move:

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