How to copy or move contacts to a new sequence

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If you want to message contacts in a new sequence, you can copy or move them to another sequence within your Interseller account.

Before you begin

  • Copying and moving contacts between sequences will reset a contact's stats in the sequence that they are being moved to. It's important to think of these contacts as if they are brand new. All of the other contact details and information will copy over to the new sequence.
  • Keep in mind that the stats of your original sequence will also update once a contact is moved. If you would like to keep your stats, we recommend copying a contact instead.
  • Custom fields will only be copied or moved over if the custom fields are already set up within the sequence that the contacts are moving to.

There are three ways to copy or move your contacts over:

1) Copy/move an individual contact

You can copy or move a single contact over to a new sequence by clicking the ... icon to open up the drop-down menu. From there, select Move Contact or Copy Contact to move or copy the contact: 

2) Copy/move multiple contacts

To copy or move multiple contacts at once, select the checkboxes next to their names and click the icon to copy or move contacts.

If you're selecting consecutive contacts, you can select the first checkbox, hold the Shift key, and then select the last checkbox so all contacts in between both checkboxes are selected at once: 

3) Copy/move all contacts

To copy or move all contacts within a sequence, select the Select All checkbox at the top of the contact list in the sequence. From there, click the icon to copy or move contacts:

Moving and copying contacts based on their status and activity

Try using the Contact Filters option so you can filter contacts by their current status. This will help you filter out the contacts you want to move or copy to a new sequence.

For example, you may want to select the "Has Not Replied" or "Has Opened"  filter if you want to message contacts who haven't opened or replied to your emails again in a new sequence.

To filter contacts, click the filter icon next to All Contacts before selecting the contacts you'd like to copy or move:

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