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Our new privacy settings help your team stay in compliance with privacy regulations and can be set up by Owners and Managers. Please note that some privacy settings are irreversible so we recommend reading the details below and proceed with caution before enabling those features.

Interseller cannot provide any legal advice on privacy compliance. Please contact your team or lawyer directly for more information.

Auto anonymize contacts (Beta)

Auto anonymizing contacts will automatically remove a contact's identifying information if they have not responded within 30 days of being added to a sequence. 

This will include information such as their name, photo, email, and LinkedIn profile.

Important: Contacts that have been anonymized cannot be restored. Please proceed with caution before enabling this feature.

GDPR Warning

When the GDPR Warning feature is enabled, Interseller will apply a GDPR contact error to any contacts that are located within a GDPR country. The GDPR error must be cleared before the contact can be messaged.

If a contact does not have a location listed at the time of it's creation or the location is added at a later time, Interseller is unable to mark the contact with the GDPR warning.

Email disclosure message

You can add an email disclosure or confidentiality notice to the bottom of every email sent from Interseller. When this feature is enabled, it will apply to each user's account and there is not an option to disable the disclosure for specific users, on specific sequences or email steps.

The disclosure message will not be visible while previewing messages so we recommend sending a test email to yourself to get an idea of how the message will appear.

Important: Interseller cannot provide any legal advice on email disclosure messaging. Please contact your team or lawyer directly for more information.

Remove contact

You can remove a contact and their related data from all Interseller sequences by typing their email address into the Remove Contact section. This action is irreversible and the contact cannot be restored.

Interseller is not able to remove data based on name or LinkedIn profile so if the contact has multiple email addresses, you will need to enter each email address into the field.

Once you have typed in the contact's email address, you will see a pop-up window appear with information on how many instances the contact appears in and you will be prompted to confirm this action by clicking Delete.

Important: Contacts and all related data will be completely removed and cannot be restored.

Reinstate unsubscribed contacts

To reinstate a contact, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to your Privacy Settings and scroll down to the Resubscribe Contact section.
  2. From there, add the contact's email address into the field and click Resubscribe.
  3. In the pop-up window, click Confirm.

Once the contacts have been reinstated, they will immediately be put in a  Paused Indefinitely state to prevent emails from going out to them. You can hover over the contact's status to see that they have been paused after being reinstated.

To start emailing the contact again, you can set the contact to resume email sending when you are ready.

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