Blocking domains and emails

Learn how to block specific email addresses and domains in your personal or team's settings.

To prevent emails from being sent to specific people, you can add domains and email addresses to your blocklist.

Each user has their own personal blocklist that they can control in their Account Settings. You can find the blocklist settings for your account under your personal Safety settings and the team blocklist under Team Safety settings

Note: Only account owners and managers can add or remove domains from the Team blocklist settings. Please reach out to your team managers to update your Team blocklist.

To add multiple domains and email addresses, you can separate each one by adding a new line.

You can also block contacts within a sequence by changing their contact status to "Blocked". Blocking the contact within a sequence will block all contacts with that domain

We don't recommend blocking contacts within a sequence unless you want to block all contacts with that specific domain. We recommend blocking a single contact within your safety settings instead.

To remove the contact from being blocked within the sequence, you will need to navigate to your Safety settings and manually remove the domain. 

Note: Make sure to check that both your email provider's blocklist and your Interseller blocklist include the same emails and domains. This will help ensure that Interseller won't send any emails to the blocked email addresses and domains on both lists.

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