Check for duplicate contacts in individual user sequences

Learn about the different levels of the deduplication setting and how to disable duplicate checks on individual sequences.

Before you begin

Interseller can check for duplicate contacts across your own sequences and warn you when the same contact has been added to a new sequence.

Our system will only run a deduplication check once contacts are added to a sequence and cannot be run again unless you create a new sequence and add the contacts there.

Note: Deduplication is verified by the contact's email address, not by their name or LinkedIn URL.

Enable deduplication

To set up the deduplication settings, navigate to the Safety settings and select your preferred deduplication setting from the drop-down menu.

You can learn more about each deduplication setting in the section below.

Deduplication settings

Off - Do not deduplicate

This setting disables deduplication entirely. Interseller will never warn you when a duplicate contact has been added to another sequence, if they are about to receive a message, or if they have ever been messaged through Interseller.

Low - Contact is actively being messaged

This setting will let you know when a contact is currently being messaged through the same email address in another sequence. Contacts will not show up as duplicates if the other sequence they are being messaged in is archived or does not have any email steps.

Medium - Contact is being messaged or has been messaged

This setting will warn you when a contact is currently being messaged or has ever been messaged from another sequence. If the contact has never been messaged or isn't queued to be sent a message, they won't be flagged as a duplicate.

This is a good option if you don't want to message the same contacts that you've messaged in another sequence.

High - Contact exists in another sequence

This is the most extreme deduplication setting. Our system will warn you whenever the contact has been added to any other sequences, even if it's archived or if they've never been messaged.

Note: Depending on your settings, private sequences will be included in deduplication checks.

Deduplication period

You can adjust the number of days in which Interseller checks for duplicate contacts across your sequences. Contacts that were messaged or created outside of the selected timeframe will be ignored and not marked as duplicates.

When setting the deduplication period, we recommend setting the threshold to Medium or High in order for deduplication to be necessary. 

Removing the deduplication period setting will set the duplication check to all time.

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