Running duplicate checks across individual user sequences

Learn about the different levels of the deduplication setting and how to disable duplicate checks on individual sequences.

Interseller can run a duplicate check across your account to warn you if duplicate contacts exist across your own sequences.

At least one email step must be added to the sequence in order to trigger the deduplication check. Dedupe checks only run once when contacts are added to a sequence. To rerun a duplicate check, it's best to create a new sequence and add contacts into the new sequence.

You can set up your deduplication settings in your Safety settings.

There are 4 options for the deduplication setting:

Off - Do not deduplicate
This setting turns off deduplication entirely. We will never warn you when a duplicate contact has been added to another sequence, if they are about to receive a message in another sequence and if they have ever received a message. 

Low - Contact is actively being messaged
We will only warn you when another sequence has messages to send to the same email address. This will not trigger if the other sequence has no email sequence steps or is archived. 

Medium - Contact is being messaged or has been messaged
Along with warning you if they are about to receive a message, we will also warn you when they have received a message ever from any of your sequences regardless if it's active or archived. If they have never received a message or not about to, you will not be warned. 

Here's an example of when it's recommended to adjust the setting to Medium:

If a contact appears in multiple sequences, they can be messaged again if the deduplication setting is set to low and the contact has replied in a different sequence. In this instance, it's best to select Medium instead of Low to prevent the contact from being messaged again in another sequence. 

High - Contact exists in another sequence
The most extreme setting of them all. We'll warn you whenever a contact has ever been added to any other sequence, even if it has been archived.

Disabling duplicate checks across multiple sequences

You can disable duplicate checks for individual sequences within the sequence's advanced settings. If you'd like to set this up, please reach out to our team to enable this feature.

You can toggle on the "Disable Deduplication" setting. This will not run a duplicate check across your own sequences, your teammates' sequences, and any connected integration. To enable this setting, open up the sequence's settings and navigate to the General tab. This setting will appear within the Advanced Settings section.

It's important to enable this setting first before adding any contacts to the sequence to prevent a duplicate check from running. If the current deduplication setting is set to low, medium, or high, and contacts are added, a duplicate check will run for the sequence.

Note: Deduplication settings can also be adjusted at the team level
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