Add attachments to email sequences

Learn how to add attachments as links to your email

Before you begin

Sending cold emails with attachments is a controversial topic. Generally, adding attachments to emails can increase the chance of your emails landing in spam and can therefore lead to a lower open rate.

We recommend only including attachments or images if they directly correlate to the content of your emails. You will also want to be cautious of how many attachments you include in each email as including too many can also increase your chances of landing in spam.

How to add attachments

PDF's, Word Documents, and images under 26MB can be included as attachments to an email step.

To help prevent your emails from landing in spam, please note that all attachments will appear as links instead of a physical attachment like you may be used to seeing. There is not a way to change this as this is one of the many preventive features we have in place to help protect your email deliverability score.

To add an attachment, follow these steps:

  1. Open up the email step.
  2. Click the … icon
  3. Click Add Attachment. From there, you can drag and drop the attachment or upload it directly from your computer.
  4. When the file is uploaded, it will appear as a link in your email.

If you would like to have the attachment display as a custom text link, you will first need to copy the link that was generated while uploading the attachment.

From there, follow these steps:

  1. Type out the text you want to act as the text link.
  2. Highlight that text and click on the hyperlink icon.
  3. Paste the attachment URL in the link text field and click Apply.

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