Add links and text links to sequences

Learn how to add links and create text links for your email sequences.

Add links

Adding links to your email copy is a great way to direct people to your website to learn more about your product or service. 

Follow these steps to add a link to an email step:

  1. Click on the hyperlink icon and a pop-up window will appear to add in the URL. 
  2. In the URL field, add in the link and click Apply to save. 

Note: If you have link tracking enabled, any links in your email steps will be tracked when contacts click on them. 

Add text links

Follow these steps to create a custom text link:

  1. Type the text you want to turn into a link.
  2. Highlight the text and click the hyperlink icon in the email editor toolbar.
  3. Add the link in the URL field and click Apply to save the changes.

Pro-Tip: Copy the URL that you want to include in the text link. Highlight the word and click Paste to use our quick-text link feature ✨. This allows you to skip a couple of the steps listed above.

After saving the link, you can choose to edit or remove the link when clicking on it. 

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