If you're not able to edit your contact's email address, it means that we've sent them a message already. Once a message has been sent, the email address cannot be changed. To change the contact's email address, you'll need to add them as a new contact and enter in the correct email address for them. You can then remove their other email address where they were previously messaged. 

Updating invalid and bounced emails

You can updates contacts with invalid email addresses by selecting "Edit" on the contact's profile. If the contact's email address is greyed out, this means that their email can't be edited because they were already messaged. The "Update" option will only appear if the contact's email is greyed out. 

If you see a bounced status for a contact, you can select the "Fix Email" option to clone the contact with a new email address. This way your stats remain the same.

To access the "Fix Email" option, click on the Bounced status for a dropdown.

A pop-up window will appear asking for a new email address when you update an invalid email or fix a bounced email. This will then clone the contact with the new email address for you to restart messaging.

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