Change a contact's email address

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Learn how to update a contact's email address if they're marked invalid or bounced. 

Update or change a contact's email address

You can edit a contact's email address before they are messaged by following these steps:

  1. Click on the contact's name in the sequence.
  2. In the Details tab of their profile and select Edit.
  3. Type in the new email address and click Save.

If the contact has already been messaged, we cannot update or change the email address listed in their contact profile. Instead, you will need to add them as a brand new contact and enter in the correct email address for them.

Update invalid emails

You can update contacts with invalid email addresses by following these steps:

  1. Open the sequence and click the invalid contact that you want to edit.
  2. This will open their contact profile where you can select Edit.
  3. From there, add the correct address and Click Save.

If the contact's email address is greyed out this means that their email can't be edited because they have already been messaged.

Click Update to create a new contact for them with a different address.

Updating bounced emails

If you see the bounced status for a contact, you can click their status and select the Fix Email option to update their address. This will create a clone of the contact with the new email address so that your stats remain the same.

You can also open up their contact profile and click their status there. Then click Fix Email from the drop-down menu:

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