Changing the "Send as" email for your account

If you're using Gmail and both Gmail addresses use the same email inbox, you can change the sending email address for all your sequences or for individual sequences.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  1. Your email alias must be usable within Gmail. The alias cannot be using another email service provider.
  2. You must be able to receive email to your inbox under the email alias. Otherwise, reply tracking will not work. This will ensure that the system recognizes when contacts reply to your Interseller sequences. If this isn't set up correctly, Interseller will continue sending further follow-ups in the sequence to the contact.

For G Suite admins:

To set up another alias like an alternative name under a user's domain, follow this help article from Google:

That user will then need to manually add that new alias within Gmail. To do so, follow this Google help guide:

For Gmail users:

Follow this guide to add an additional alias under your account:

Changing the "Send as" email address for all sequences

In your email settings, you can change the "Send as" email for all sequences as long as it's registered through Gmail. Please be sure you have also activated at least one campaign through Interseller. It's important to select which alias you'd like to send emails out from before launching the sequence.

Changing the "Send as" email address for individual sequences

You can change the "Send as" email address for individual sequences. If you'd like to set this up, please reach out to our team to enable this feature.

To change the "Send as" email address for individual sequences, open up the sequence's setting.

In the "General" tab, you can change the "Send as" email address under the "Advanced Settings" section. You'll want to set the alias up before launching the sequence.

If your current email address and the new email address use different inboxes, you will need to create a new Interseller account.

We cannot migrate the data over because it is tied to your email account and moving that data will cause problems with your email system (Gmail, Outlook, etc).

However, we can move your subscription over without requiring you to re-subscribe. You can also request a CSV of all your contacts by contacting our team directly.

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