Creating, copying, and renaming email sequences

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Interseller email sequences make it easy to create templated messages that look more personal. We've outlined a couple of things you should know and some tips to help you get started.

Creating sequences

To create a sequence, navigate to the Sequences Dashboard and click Add Sequence.

You will be prompted to add a "Sequence Name" for the sequence. If you'd like to change the name of the sequence after creating it, you can do so in the sequence's settings.

Selecting the owner/sender of a sequence

If you have owner or manager level permissions, you can select who the owner/sender of the sequence is. If you only have user permissions, you won't see this option.

Once the sequence is created, the owner/sender of a sequence can't be changed so be sure to select the correct owner/sender first before creating the sequence.

Sharing sequences with teammates

You can choose to keep your sequence private or share it with your teammates by toggling the option "Share With Team" when creating a new sequence.

Copying sequences

If you have existing email templates from you or your teammate's sequences, you can duplicate these email steps over to a new sequence. This is especially handy so you don't have to manually create those email steps each time and if you plan to have your new sequence follow the same email steps.

Renaming sequences

Once the sequence is saved, you can always open up the sequence's settings to make changes to the sequence title and adjust the sharing permission with your team.

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