Understanding the "booked" status

Learn how a contact gets marked as "booked" in Interseller.

The "booked" status is similar to the replied status where the contact is taken out of the email sequence and will no longer receive follow-ups from Interseller. 

Using Google, Outlook 365, and Microsoft Exchange Calendar

Contacts are brought into the "booked" state when both you and the contact are listed as invitees or the contact's email is included in the event description on any calendar event in your Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, or Microsoft Exchange Calendar. If only one person (either you or the contact) is listed as the invitee on the calendar event, it will not mark the contact as "booked" in the sequence. 

Setting up Calendar Tracking and syncing "booked" events 

The contact can also be listed as "booked" when they create an event on your calendar instead of you inviting them to an event on your calendar. However, the invitee's email address must match the email listed in the sequence so if the invitee uses a different address, the "booked" status will not sync in Interseller. Contacts will also be marked as "booked" if they have any booked meetings from your teammate's sequences

Note: The contact must be listed as the invitee or it won't be tracked properly.

To enable Calendar Tracking, please follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to your Account Settings and select the Tracking tab.
  2. Toggle on the "Calendar Tracking" feature.
  3. If you're subscribed to multiple calendars, you can choose to sync booked events on specific calendars to your sequences. This feature is only available for Gmail calendars

Sync "booked" events through calendar event description

If the contact's email address is included in the calendar's event description instead of being listed as an invitee on the calendar invite, Interseller can track this and update the contact's status to "booked" in the sequence. 

Note: In order for the contact to be marked as "booked" through the event description, the contact needs to be messaged at least once in the sequence. 

Manually set a contact's status to "booked"

If you use Calendly or a calendar invite service other than Google, Microsoft, or Outlook, the "booked" status will not automatically sync to Interseller. Instead you will need to manually change someone's status by clicking the contact's status in the email sequence.

Once you click the contact's status, you can select the  "Set Booked" option from the drop-down menu to update the contact's status to "Booked". 

Note: If you're using a service like Calendly, you may need to upgrade in order to add the invitee properly.
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