You can transfer sequences to a different user as long as the sequence is shared and if you have manager or owner permissions.

Transferring sequences copies the sequence's settings and steps under the new user. It will also copy over contacts who haven't been messaged yet to the newly created sequence. Contacts that have already been messaged won't be copied over. 

We're not able to copy messaged contacts because messaging the same contact with a new email address midway through a sequence would cause issues with your email account and spam filters.

How to transfer sequences

  1. Open up the sequence's settings 
  2. Click on the "Transfer" tab in the sequence's settings
  3. Choose the person you'd like to transfer the sequence to
  4. Click "Transfer"

Once you transfer the sequence to the new owner, it will include "(Transferred)" in the title to indicate that the sequence is a transferred sequence. 

Both the current owner of the sequence and the new owner of the transferred sequence will receive an email notifying them of the transfer.

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