When you launch a sequence, you can choose to either launch it now or set a specific date and time the sequence is set to send out emails. 

To adjust the launch date and time of the sequence, click "Launch" within the sequence and a calendar will appear for you to select a date.  

Once a date is selected, you can adjust the hour, minute, and AM/PM setting by typing in the field.

You'll see the date and time the sequence is set to launch in the dashboard when you click into that specific sequence. 

You can also launch multiple sequences on the Sequences dashboard. 

There's two ways to launch multiple sequences:

1. Toggle the switch on for each sequence to launch it:

2. Select multiple sequences by checking the box next to each sequence and selecting the option to activate them from the menu icon:

You can also deactivate or pause sequences by checking the boxes next to the sequences and selecting "Deactivate sequences" from the menu icon. 

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