Account throttling

If you're emailing multiple contacts from the same organization, the account throttling feature comes in handy for cases like this. The account throttling feature lets you send messages to a few contacts at a time by limiting the total number of contacts that can be actively messaged at the same company (based on email domain). This setting can be found under the safety tab in your settings.

Here's an example of how account throttling is used:

You're trying to get in touch with a large company to sell your products or services. In your sequence, there are 50 contacts from the same company who are all using the same email domain. Instead of mass emailing all 50 contacts at once (which increases your risk of being marked as spam), you can set your account throttle to be limited to emailing 5 contacts at a time. When 1 of the 5 contacts finishes the sequence, then the next contact will be added to the list of 5 contacts to be messaged.

Account throttling doesn't affect personal emails using the free version of Gmail or Outlook since it only applies to work email domains.  

Account replies

If you'd like to stop messages from continuing to send when one of the company's contact replies, you can enable the Account Replies feature. Any reply from a contact will stop sending messages to all other contacts in the replied contact's domain.

You can also manually deactivate the sequence if you've established a connection with a contact and no longer want to continue sending messages to the rest of the company's contacts. 

Note: Be sure to enable these features before messaging contacts since these features won't work retroactively.

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