Release Notes - February 2024

Interseller regularly releases new product features, updates, and improvements.

You can stay up to date with what's new by following our release notes.

This month's releases


We have discontinued technical support for all Interseller integrations.

Moving forward, users are welcome to continue using these integrations at their own discretion but our Technical Support team will no longer provide assistance or guarantee compatibility with future updates.

For general troubleshooting suggestions, please refer to the guide below or visit our Help Center.

Self-service cancellations

Account Owners can now cancel their subscription directly from the Billing page and will no longer be required to contact our Technical Support team to request cancellation.

You can learn more here: Cancel your subscription

Advanced Features

As of February 1, we no longer support the following advanced product features:

  • Branded Domains: All new Interseller users or existing users that wish to set up a new branded domain are encouraged to focus their efforts on cold email best practices instead. Existing Branded Domains will not be impacted.
  • Custom signatures: Signature requests will no longer be supported by the Technical Support Team. Users can now manually add their signature directly from their Account Settings. Check out this help guide to learn more.

Bug fixes

  • Outlook concurrency limit: Some Outlook users experienced email sending delays due to a syncing issue between Interseller and Outlook
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