If you'd like to pause sending emails to contacts, you can pause this until a specific date or indefinitely. You can also choose a specific date to resume email sending to contacts.

Pause email sendings until a specific date

To pause email sending for contacts until a specific date, select the contacts and in the drop-down menu, choose "Pause Contacts". A pop-up window will appear with the option to select a date or to pause indefinitely. You can then select from the calendar which date you'd like to pause email sending until for the selected contacts.

Pause email sending indefinitely

In the pop-up window that appears when you choose to pause emails, you can select the "Pause Indefinitely" option to stop sending emails to contacts in the sequence.

Resume email sending `

If you'd like to resume email sending to the contacts, select the contacts in the paused state and choose "Resume Sending" from the drop-down menu. This will allow the contacts to resume where they last left off in the email sequence.

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