CC'ing and BBC'ing a teammate to Interseller

Learn about recommendations regarding CC'ing and BCC'ing teammates.

At this time, there is no option to CC or BCC a teammate to Interseller. 

This is because your email tracking data (opens, clicks and replies) will get thrown off when you copy your email to a teammate. If a teammate were to open or reply to the email, Interseller will mark the email as opened or replied. This is because there is no way to differentiate who is who since the same email was sent to two different people.

Please note the information above applies to CC'ing, BCC'ing and forwarding emails to teammates.

BCC is intended for copying emails to your integration or CRM which you can find in your Account Settings under the Email tab.

What we recommend instead:

If you work in a "pod"-like team where you would like to receive replies and reply on behalf of your teammate, we recommend using a tool like Front so you can collaborate on each other's email inboxes.

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