Logging into Interseller with Google and Outlook

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When you sign up for an Interseller account, our system can detect what email server you're using. This allows us to direct you to the correct login page based on the email address you're using to login.

After you've created an Interseller account, you can always log in at http://app.interseller.io/login.

There are three options when it comes to logging into Interseller:

Once you log in with your credentials, you will need to approve Interseller's access to your email account.

Note: If you're using Microsoft Exchange, please know that though this is similar to Outlook 365, it is not Outlook. You will need to use the Nylas login option instead.

Google and Outlook accounts follow an OAuth login process that logs you directly into your Interseller account when entering your email address.

Logging in with Google

To log in with your Google email account (GSuite/Gmail), follow these steps:

  1. Type in your email address.
  2. Click Sign In With Google.

Note: You must have Google Calendar enabled in order to use and login to Interseller. Please read Google's help guide for steps on how to turn on Google Calendar.

Logging in with Outlook

To log in with your Outlook email account, follow these steps:

  1. Type in your email address.
  2. Click Sign In With Outlook.

Nylas Login

If you're not using Google or Outlook or we're unable to detect which email service you're using, then you'll be prompted to log in with your mail server.

Once you enter your email address in the login screen, click Sign In With Mail Server and continue following the steps in our guide here.

As of October 13, 2022, Interseller will no longer support third-party email providers.

If you are utilizing a non-Google or Outlook email address, please reach out to your Account Executive or Account Manager to discuss your options.

Current customers that utilize a third-party email provider will not be affected at this time.

Common Questions and Issues

How can I find out what email service I'm using?

If you're not sure who your email provider is, you can log in to your account and check your webmail link. If it starts with any of the following, we can connect to your email account directly:

  • Outlook.live.com
  • Outlook.microsoft.com
  • Mail.google.com
  • Any other Microsoft domain

If your webmail link starts with any other domain, you'll need to follow the steps above to login using the Nylas method.

I'm seeing an error in Interseller that says my email has been disconnected. What should I do?

If you're using Gmail or Outlook, click the error message in your Interseller account. You will either be automatically connected or prompted to login through your email account again if you're not already logged in through your browser.

If you're using our Nylas login option, click the error message and you will be prompted to log back in using your email credentials and the IMAP and SMTP settings.

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