Email Editor Coach

Learn how to optimize your email copy and deliverability with our Email Editor Coach. 

If you would like some general guidelines to follow as you build your email sequence, our Email Editor Coach is a great tool to utilize. It performs a real-time scan as you edit your email step to provide suggestions on how to improve and optimize your email copy and deliverability.

Here's how the editor coach works:

  1. A number will appear in a red or yellow indicator if there's a suggestion on ways to improve the email copy.
  2. When you click on the number in the red or yellow circle, a pop-up will display with a list of email suggestions. The red or yellow indicators will be highlighted in the list to outline specific parts of the email copy that could use some improvement. 
  3. If you update the email copy with the highlighted email suggestions, it will display a "0" in a green indicator. This means that there are no issues with the email copy. 

Note: The Editor Coach feature cannot be disabled.

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