Inviting/removing users and understanding team account roles

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Team Roles

There are three different user account roles when part of a team. Each role gives access to different things:

User - This is your basic user. They can source emails and use sequences and shared sequences. A basic user can see their stats, but they can't view the stats of other teammates. Users aren't able to select who the sender of a sequence is when creating it.

Manager - They can do everything a user can do along with inviting users, removing users, and edit team settings (i.e. blocklist, team safety, etc). They also have access to reporting on the team level. Managers can select who the sender of a sequence is when creating it.

Owner -There can only be one owner on the team and they are the master account holder who is in charge of billing. They are also the only ones that can assign managers. The owner can also select who the sender of a sequence is when creating it.

Inviting a user to join your team

To invite more users to a team, navigate to settings and under Team, click "Invite Members". You can then add the users' email address, select their Role and add them to a Group. This will send the user an invitation to join the team by email. To resend the invitation email, click the down arrow next to their email address and select "Resend"

On the right side above the "Send Invite" button, you'll see the amount of seats taken out of the total amount of seats available on your team. You can invite as many teammates as you'd like. If you invite someone while having seats available on the team, it will assign the available seat to the person you invited. If you invite someone without having any seats available, it will not give them a seat and they will be a deactivated user when they join.

Teammates with checkmarks in the "Seat" column indicate that they have an active seat, which is counted towards the number of seats in the subscription. Teammates without checkmarks in the "Seat" column do not have an active seat so they won't be able to access Interseller's functions such as the Chrome extension and email sequencing feature. 

If you do not have any seats available in your subscription, you will see the option  add a seat at the bottom of the Add Teammate pop-up window. When this option is toggled on, you will be charged immediately for the additional seat and will see your total costs for your next billing date.

Removing a seat and removing user

To adjust a user's permission, remove seat, or remove user, the owner or manager can click on the drop-down menu next to the role and select an option.

Removing a seat frees up an active seat on the subscription while removing a user completely removes the user from your team, including all of their sequences. If you'd like to keep their sequences to access it, it's best to remove their seat instead of removing them from the team. 

When a seat or user is removed, the subscription won't automatically update the number of active seats so you'll need to adjust this in your billing panel to reflect these changes. 

View teammates' connected CRM/ATS

You can hover over a teammate's connected CRM/ATS to see which integration they connected to their Interseller account.

Note: Be sure to have the users check their spam folder if they don't see the invite email appear. If it's still not appearing in their inbox after being resent, let us know and we can help. 

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