Interseller's integration with Workable can automatically sync contacts and assign them to a job in Workable whenever they're added to a sequence on Interseller.

To connect Interseller to Workable, you can visit the Integrations page and select Workable from the list.

You'll need to log in with your Workable credentials and grant Interseller access to your Workable account.

Adjusting the default sync settings

After Workable is connected to Interseller, you can choose how all contacts sync over from Interseller to Workable by selecting one of the following sync options:

  1. Off - Contacts will not sync over to Workable
  2. Sync contacts when added to a sequence - Contacts will sync over to Workable when they are added to a sequence
  3. Sync contacts only when they reply back - Contacts will only sync over to Workable when they reply to a sequence

Disable syncing sequences to Workable

You can also disable syncing individual sequences over to Workable by toggling on the "Disable Sync" feature in the "Syncing" tab within the sequence's settings.

If you do not want contacts to sync over to Workable, you will need to make sure this setting is enabled first before adding contacts into the sequence.

Changing the default job at the account level

You can set the default job posting that all contacts across all sequences are synced to at the account level by adjusting the "Job" sync setting.

We recommend leaving this blank if you are syncing contacts to specific job for each sequence.

Changing the job for each sequence

You can override the default job by adjusting this setting for each individual sequence.

To adjust the job setting, open up the sequence's settings, click on the "Syncing" tab, and select the specific job order for contacts to sync over to within Workable.

Be sure to select the correct job first as contacts cannot be re-synced if they were added first and then a job is selected for the sequence at a later time.

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