The volume setting limits how many emails are sent in a rolling 24-hour period and spaces out the amount of seconds between each emails waiting to be sent. The volume feature can be found in your settings under the schedule tab. As you increase your volume limit for maximum emails to send per day and the seconds to wait between each email, you can hover over the slider to see if the amount is within a safe frequency. The amount of emails to send per day are in increments of 20. 

Below are the three ranges for maximum emails to send per day:

  • 500 and below - safe frequency
  • 520-1,000 - reasonable amount if you have reply rates above 10%
  • 1,020-1,500 - excessive amount and can be reported as spam 

Below are the ranges for seconds to wait between each email:

  • 10-15 seconds - this is a high frequency and can be reported as spam
  • 30 seconds - reasonable frequency if reply rates are above 10%
  • 60-300 seconds - this is a safe frequency 

The more spaced out the emails are, the less it can be seen that they're automated. We suggest setting this to 60 seconds or more. 

These two settings together also determine how many emails we can send during that time. Just remember that if you have only 3 hours set in a given day and space emails 60 seconds apart, it means that we can only send 180 emails.

You can also set a maximum threshold less than your schedule with the "maximum emails to send per day" setting. We advise that you set this number to 200 if you're new to email sequencing.

Here's an example of how the rolling 24-hour limit works:

You're launching a campaign at 8am on Monday and want to send out 200 emails with 60 seconds spaced out between each sent email. At 11:20am on Monday, the 200th email will send. After the 200th email has sent, a notification on your dashboard will let you know that the maximum amount has been reached within that 24-hour period. Since the 24-hour period is rolling (or calculated per minute), it will pause sending out emails until the number of emails you've sent for the past 24 hours is less than 200. It will then resume sending emails every 5 minutes or so, even if it shows that the maximum amount has been reached on your dashboard. As the 24-hour period continues to roll over since the first batches of emails have been sent, more room is being made to send the next batches of emails after the maximum amount has been reached. 

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