Understanding email lookup credits

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Email lookup credits only apply to emails that you find through our Chrome extension or via CSV import. We've outlined some facts below on how lookups work, when they apply towards your monthly limit and how to purchase additional credits.

How lookup credits work

  • Lookup credits are shared amongst teammates (For example: If you have 5 users and 250 lookups per seat, your team has a total of 1,250 lookups)
  • Additional lookup credits are sold in batches of 250. See the steps below on how to purchase more.
  • Lookup credits reset monthly on your billing date. Please note that any unused lookups cannot be rolled over to the next billing period.
  • If an email is found via the Chrome extension, a lookup credit will be charged even if that contact is not added to a sequence.

When lookup credits count towards your limit

  • Lookups are charged per request, not by the number of emails we find. (For example, if you see two emails listed for one contact, we will only use one lookup credit)
  • There's a maximum of 1 lookup credit per contact, which will apply to either their personal or work email.
  • When an email is found through the Chrome extension or during a CSV lookup, a lookup credit will be charged.
  • If you lookup a personal and work email for the same contact, this will count as 2 lookup credits.
  • If you lookup the same contact within different billing periods (for either work or personal emails), this will count as a lookup credit.

When lookup credits do not count towards your limit

  • Lookup credits are not counted if we can't find an email.
  • Lookup credits that are marked as invalid (indicated by a red X in your sequence) and that have been found through our Chrome Extension or via CSV import are automatically credited back.
  • Lookup credits are not counted when the Chrome extension setting is set to "None - use only what's available on the page".
  • If you lookup the same contact within the same billing period (for either work or personal emails), this will not count as a lookup credit.

Other Notes:

  • Email verification is separate than lookup credits and have their own limits.
  • There is no additional cost for sending emails since this is included in every Interseller subscription

Checking your lookup balance

Each user can check the team's lookup balance from the Billing Panel. You can also hover each section of the lookup balance chart to see how many lookups each user has used.

Purchasing additional lookup credits

If you are the owner of a team, you can purchase additional lookup credits in batches of 250 credits without adding any seats to your team.

  • On the Standard plan, an additional 250 lookups are $25 per batch. 
  • On the Recruiter plan, an additional 250 lookups are $50 per batch.

To purchase additional credits, go into the Billing Panel and click Add Lookups.

If you are  not the owner of your team and need help purchasing more credits, please reach out to our Support team for more help.

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