Important update to Interseller subscription plans

What's changing?

We would like to inform you of an upcoming update to Interseller's custom subscription plans beginning April 1, 2024.

In order to align with new internal policies and product updates, we are no longer offering custom or legacy subscription plans to new customers or customers who wish to reactivate their previous plan.

Moving forward, all new users will be placed on the Recruiter plan which includes:

  • A monthly cost of $200 per user
  • 250 lookups per user
  • Email sequence sending
  • Ability to search for work and personal emails via Chrome extension or CSV import

Why is this changing?

Interseller is moving towards a full self-service model so that new and existing users can subscribe or cancel at any time, without having to contact our Sales or Support team.

We understand that this update may be disappointing to hear; however, this change is important to the future of Interseller so that it can remain a fully functioning and self-sufficient tool.

Questions or concerns?

If you have any questions/comments/concerns about the update, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Technical Support team at

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