Release Notes - February 2023

Interseller regularly releases new product features, updates, and improvements. 

You can stay up to date with what's new by following our release notes.

This month's releases

Invoices & Payments

Account Owners can now access their full billing history and additional billing details by clicking the View More button at the bottom of the Billing panel

You can read more in our Payments and Invoices help guide.

Bug fixes

  • Work email lookups: Work email lookup results were showing incorrect emails for companies that included tiny URL website links in their LinkedIn profile.


  • HubSpot: Some HubSpot users experienced inaccurate open rates for contacts due to an update to HubSpot's API which caused all contact emails to be opened immediately after being sent.
  • Bullhorn: Users were unable to import a full list of contacts from Bullhorn tearsheets which resulted in some contacts not being imported into Interseller sequences.

Phone number lookups

  • All contacts were displaying a Not Found  lookup result during phone number lookups.
  • Results were not found for contacts that have a unique phone number format such as +1(222)333-4444

Chrome Extension

  • The Interseller Extension button was not displaying on LinkedIn profiles for contacts that have special characters in their names such as ö and é.
  • The Interseller Extension checkbox was un-clickable in LinkedIn Recruiter search results. Users were required to click outside of the box in order to select a contact for lookup
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