Adding contacts into Interseller with Zapier

Learn how to add contacts into Interseller with Zapier.

Zapier gives you the ability to sync contacts into Interseller from 1,000 different integrations. Here, we'll show you how you can add anyone who emails you into an Interseller campaign with Gmail.

To get started, visit the Zapier zap create:

1. Select the Gmail trigger and choose "New Labeled Email" as the action. Afterwards, connect your Gmail account.

2. Select the label that you'd like to sync emails over when they get labeled as so. In this example, we'll just use the "Inbox" label.

3. Next, choose Interseller as the action and choose "create contact" as the action.

4. Connect your Interseller account by following the instructions listed. You can find your Interseller API Key by visiting:

5. Map the appropriate fields over from the Gmail message into Interseller. You'll also need to choose the campaign where you'd like to send contacts to. Here's an example.

All done! 

In this example, whenever someone emails you Zapier will read it and put it straight into Interseller as a contact in your campaign.

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