Syncing contacts from Zapier to Interseller

In this guide we'll show you how to sync new contacts from Interseller to Zapier and vice-versa.

1. To get started create a new zap with Zapier here. When choosing a Trigger, select or search for Interseller.

2. Choose the New Contact trigger which should be the default selected trigger.

3. Connect your Interseller account by following the instructions listed.

You can find your Interseller API Key by visiting:

4. After connecting your account, you can choose to sync only specific contacts from one of your campaigns.

Leaving this field blank will sync any contact from any campaign over to Zapier and your Zapier action.

5. Before continuing, make sure that you have at least one campaign and one contact in Interseller or else Zapier will not let you continue forward.

6. Afterwards, set up your action to where contacts will be sent. In this example, we'll use Google Sheets. When editing your template, make sure to sync Interseller's fields over!

You're all set!

Now whenever you add contacts to Interseller, they'll also be pushed into Zapier (and Google Sheets in this example).

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