Using Interseller with Greenhouse

Learn how the integration works between Interseller and Greenhouse.

In this guide we'll show you how to adjust the sync settings, disable syncing, enable and disable deduplication, choose the job/pool stage at the account and sequence level, track email activity, and check if a contact already exists in Greenhouse after they synced over successfully.

Interseller's integration with Greenhouse allows you to automatically sync contacts and email activity to easily track and manage your communications between Interseller and Greenhouse.

We can also assign which job a contact belongs to or which pool stage they should be in at an account and sequence level.

To connect to Greenhouse, head to the Integrations page and select Greenhouse from the list.

You will then be prompted to enter your login credentials and grant Interseller access to your Greenhouse account. This will allow Interseller to create and sync contacts over to Greenhouse and sync over any email activity from our end.

Adjusting the sync settings

After Greenhouse is connected, you can choose how contacts from all sequences sync over from Interseller to Greenhouse by selecting one of the following sync options:

  1. Off - Contacts will not sync over to Greenhouse
  2. Sync contacts when added to a sequence - Contacts will sync over to Greenhouse when they are added to a sequence
  3. Sync contacts only when they reply back - Contacts will only sync over to Greenhouse when they reply to a sequence

Disable syncing sequences to Greenhouse

You can also disable syncing individual sequences over to Greenhouse by toggling on the "Disable Sync" feature in the "Syncing" tab within the sequence's settings.

If you do not want contacts to sync over to Greenhouse, you will need to make sure this setting is enabled first before adding contacts into the sequence.

When a sequence has syncing disabled, a "Sync Disabled" indicator will appear for that sequence:

Enable/disable deduplication for Greenhouse

You can toggle on the "Deduplication" setting for Greenhouse to be warned if a contact already exists in Greenhouse. This will mark the contact with the error "Exists in Greenhouse" if we find the same email address already exists in Greenhouse prior to being added into Interseller.

If deduplication is turned off, then we will not warn you if the contact already exists in Greenhouse.

Below are two common scenarios of when a new contact record will be created and when it won't be created when the contact has synced over to Greenhouse:

  • If the same email address exists in both Greenhouse and Interseller, a duplicate contact record will not be created in Greenhouse.
  • If there are two different email addresses for the same contact (one in Greenhouse and one in Interseller), a second contact record will be created with the second email address when they sync over from Interseller to Greenhouse.

Changing the default job/pool sync at the account level

You can set the default job posting that all contacts across all sequences are synced to at the account level by adjusting the "Job & Pools" sync setting.

We recommend leaving this blank if you are syncing contacts to specific jobs or pool stages for each sequence.

Changing the job/pool sync for each sequence

You can override the default job/pool stage by adjusting this setting for each individual sequence.

To adjust the job/pool stage setting, open up the sequence's settings, click on the "Syncing" tab, and select the specific job/pool stage for contacts to sync over to within Greenhouse.

Be sure to select the correct job or pool stage first as contacts cannot be re-synced if they were added first and then a job or pool stage is selected for the sequence at a later time.

If the sequence has a specific job or pool stage selected for the sequence, it will show a "Custom Sync" indicator within the sequence:

Sync email activity for contacts

You can sync the email activity for contacts over to Greenhouse when you toggle on the "Activity Tracking" setting.

We recommend setting up the integration first before emailing contacts since email activity cannot be backfilled if contacts were messaged before Greenhouse was connected.

Syncing sent messages and contacts' first replies

When activity tracking is enabled, Interseller will sync over the sent messages for the email sequence. If a contact replies to the sequence, only their first reply will sync over. Any reply after the contact's first reply will not sync over.

Checking if a contact exists in Greenhouse via the Chrome extension

When Greenhouse is connected and deduplication is enabled, Interseller will check to see if the contact exists in Greenhouse during an email lookup through our Chrome extension.

If the contact does not exist in Greenhouse, it will highlight this in the email lookup with "No duplicates found in Greenhouse".

If the contact does exist in Greenhouse, it will highlight this in the email lookup with "Duplicate found in Greenhouse".

Clicking on the Greenhouse link in the lookup window will open up the contact’s existing record in Greenhouse:

Checking if the contact synced to Greenhouse

Once the contact has been added into a sequence, you can see if they synced over to Greenhouse by opening up their profile and clicking on the "Open in Greenhouse" link. This will redirect you to their profile in Greenhouse and show the job/pool stage they synced over to as well.

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