Our integration with Clockwork lets you sync contacts into Clockwork as candidates whenever they're added to a sequence on Interseller. 

To connect Interseller to Clockwork, you can visit the integrations settings tab. You'll need to reach out to Clockwork so they can create an integration key for you. You can send an email to support@clockworkrecruiting.com with the following message:

We'd like to integrate with Interseller and need an OAuth and API Key. We'd also like to add https://interseller.io/auth/crm/clockwork/callback as a redirect URI.

Clockwork should reply back with an API Key, Client ID, and Client Secret, which you can forward to us at hi@interseller.io. Please include the URL for your Clockwork dashboard. 

It should take us about 1-2 business days to install and integrate with Clockwork. Once we're done, you'll receive an email from us to continue integrating.

Once Clockwork is connected to Interseller, you can start syncing candidates over to Clockwork. 

  1. Do not sync contacts - contacts won't be synced into Clockwork
  2. Sync new contacts - contacts will sync over to Clockwork and won't be de-duped against other sequences they appear in on Interseller
  3. Sync contacts and prevent messages to existing - contacts will sync over to Clockwork and contacts will be de-duped against other sequences they were messaged in on Interseller

Note: You can also sync contacts' email activity to Clockwork when you enable activity tracking. Any email activity for contacts added to Interseller before Clockwork was connected won't sync over and cannot be backfilled. 

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