Our integration with Clockwork lets you sync contacts into Clockwork as candidates whenever they're added to a sequence on Interseller. 

In order to get started integrating Clockwork with Interseller, you'll need to ask Clockwork to create an integration key for you. To do so, email support@clockworkrecruiting.com with the following details:

We'd like to integrate with Interseller and need an OAuth and API Key. We'd also like to add https://interseller.io/auth/crm/clockwork/callback as a redirect URI.

When Clockwork replies back, they'll include an API Key, Client ID, and Client Secret. Please forward that information to us via hi@interseller.io and include a URL of your Clockwork dashboard. 

Clockwork's OAuth API tokens are not account-wide so each user has to contact Clockwork to generate their own OAuth token.

It'll take us about 1-2 business days to install and integrate. Afterwards, you'll get an email from us to continue integrating. 

Adjusting the sync settings

Once Clockwork is connected to Interseller, you can start syncing candidates over to Clockwork. 

  1. Off - contacts won't be synced into Clockwork
  2. Sync contacts when added to a sequence - contacts will sync over to Clockwork
  3. Sync contacts only when they reply back - contacts will only sync over to Clockwork when they reply

Enable/disable deduplication for Clockwork

You can toggle on the deduplication setting for Clockwork to be warned if a contact already exists in Clockwork. This will mark the contact with the error "Exists in Integration" if we find that their email already exists in Clockwork. If deduplication isn't turned on, then we won't check to see if they exist in Clockwork. It's recommended to keep deduplication enabled to reduce having duplicate contacts within your integration. 

Email activity tracking

You can sync all the email activity for contacts over to Clockwork when you enable activity tracking. 

Disable syncing sequences to Clockwork

You can also disable syncing a sequence over to Clockwork in the "Sync" tab within the sequence's settings. If you don't want contacts to sync over to Clockwork, you'll want to make sure this is enabled first before adding contacts into the sequence.

Note: Any email activity for contacts added to Interseller before Clockwork was connected won't sync over and cannot be backfilled. 

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