How to sign up for Interseller

Learn how to create an Interseller account and sign up for a subscription.

Create your account

To create an Interseller account, visit our signup page here. Enter your email address and click Submit. You will then be prompted to sign in through either Google or Outlook.

Next, you'll be asked to grant Interseller access to your email account which allows our system to track contact replies and booked meetings as well as send emails on your behalf.

Please note: Interseller does not support third-party email providers and is only available for Google and Outlook users.

Choose a subscription plan

Once you've created your account and are logged in, you will see the option to sign up on our monthly subscription plan from the Billing page.

Here are more details about our Recruiter plan:

  • $200/month per user
  • Includes email sequence sending
  • Includes 250 work and personal email lookups

When you are signing up, you'll automatically have one seat included in your subscription.

To add more seats, head back to the Team Page to invite more users or you can always add more seats or switch seats between users at a later time.

Note: We no longer offer demos as we move towards a self-service platform. We only offer the monthly subscription listed above which can be cancelled at any time.

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