Using Interseller with JazzHR

Learn how the integration works between Interseller and JazzHR.

Our JazzHR integration lets you sync contacts as candidates whenever they're added to a sequence on Interseller. 

To connect Interseller to JazzHR, you can visit the integrations settings tab. You'll need to log into JazzHR to generate the API key and copy and paste it. 

Once JazzHR is connected to Interseller, you can start syncing your contacts over to JazzHR. 

If you would like to sync your email activity to JazzHR, you'll need to get the BCC address from JazzHR. After you've gotten your BCC address, copy and paste it into the BCC box in your email settings

Note: JazzHR doesn't offer the option to "Sync contacts only when they reply back " so you can only choose between syncing contacts or not syncing any contacts. 
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