Archiving or removing a sequence is the same in Interseller. Archiving a campaign will keep a record of who you've contacted in the past so you can restore it if needed. It'll also give us the ability to de-dupe against contacts you've messaged in the past.

Here's two ways to archive a sequence:

  1. The first way to archive a sequence is in your Sequences dashboard. In your dashboard, check the box to the left of the sequence. You'll see a file icon and a menu icon appear. Clicking the file icon will archive the sequence. Clicking on the menu icon will open up the options to activate, deactivate, share, and unshare the sequence. 

2. The second way is through a sequence's settings. Navigate to the sequence's settings and select the Archive panel to archive that specific sequence. 

To restore archived sequences, navigate to your Sequences dashboard and click "view archived". To restore multiple sequences, check the box next to the sequences you want to restore and click "Restore" at the top of the dashboard.

Archived sequences can still track the interactions of messages (opened, replied, booked) even after the sequence has been archived. When an archived sequence is restored, it will pick up where it last left off so the sequence won't reset and send messages to contacts who were emailed previously.

Note: Only the owner of the sequence can remove or archive the sequence. Once a shared sequence is removed/archived, its shared status is also removed and only the owner can restore it. 

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