The process with integrating with Zoho can be slightly tricky but we'll help guide the way screenshot by screenshot in this article.

1. Log into Zoho and click on Setup under the settings icon in the top right hand corner

2. Click APIs in the setup options

3. Under the gear icon, choose the option to generate a new authentication token

4. Name your token "Interseller" then click generate to get a new token.

5. On the page that appears, you'll need to copy over the string that's generated on the other half of the equal sign of "AUTHTOKEN" into Interseller. It should look something like:


6. Once Zoho is connected, you can adjust the sync settings. You can select between the following sync options:

  1. Do not sync contacts - contacts won't be synced into Zoho
  2. Sync new contacts - contacts will sync over to Zoho and won't be de-duped against other sequences they're messaged in on Interseller
  3. Sync contacts and prevent messages to existing - contacts will sync over to Zoho and contacts will be de-duped against other sequences they were messaged in on Interseller
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