Interseller's integration with Zoho Recruit allows you to automatically sync contacts into Zoho Recruit whenever they're added to a sequence on Interseller. 

To connect Interseller to Zoho Recruit, you can visit the integration settings tab. You'll need an authentication token from Zoho Recruit to connect it to Interseller. 

You can click on the API Page link in the window to be taken to Zoho's page to generate the authtoken. 

After entering the authtoken, you can then select one of the following sync options:

  • Do not sync contacts - contacts won't be synced into Zoho Recruit
  • Sync new contacts - contacts will sync over after Zoho Recruit is connected and contacts won't be de-duped against other sequences they're messaged in on Interseller 
  • Sync contacts and prevent messages to existing - contacts will sync over to Zoho Recruit and contacts will be de-duped against other sequences they were messaged in on Interseller

You can also adjust the field mapping if you'd like to customize additional fields to map over to Zoho Recruit. 

You can assign which job contacts belong to or which pool stage they should be in at an account level or at a sequence level. If you're recruiting for multiple roles, it's best to set the job/pool sync at a sequence level. 

Changing the default job/pool sync at an account level

To change the default job or pool, visit the integrations settings tab. From there, you can change the default job/pool that all candidates get synced to.

Changing the default job/pool sync at a sequence level

You can override the default setting where contacts get synced at the sequence level. You'll need to visit the sequence's settings to change this.

Note: If you'd like to sync your email activity to Zoho Recruit, you'll need to get the BCC address from Zoho Recruit. After you've gotten your BCC address, copy and paste it into the BCC box in your email settings

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