You can sync contacts into Bullhorn as candidates whenever they're added to a sequence on Interseller. 

To connect Interseller to Bullhorn, you can visit the integrations settings tab. You'll need to log into your Bullhorn account and grant Interseller permission to access your Bullhorn data. 

Once Bullhorn is connected to Interseller, you can choose to sync contacts as a Candidate or Lead. You can select between the following sync options:

  1. Do not sync contacts - contacts won't be synced into Bullhorn
  2. Sync new contacts - contacts will sync over to Bullhorn and won't be de-duped against other sequences they're messaged in on Interseller
  3. Sync contacts and prevent messages to existing - contacts will sync over to Bullhorn and contacts will be de-duped against other sequences they were messaged in on Interseller

You can sync all the email activity for contacts over to Bullhorn when you enable activity tracking. You can also customize how the field mapping from Interseller syncs over to Bullhorn.

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