Interseller will automatically update your Salesforce as you add contacts into campaigns and send messages from email sequences. To get started, all you need to connect your Salesforce account into Interseller.

To get started, visit the Integrations tab in your Interseller app. If you have another integration connected, you'll need to disconnect it in order to continue. You can only have one integration connected at a time.

1.Click on your icon in the upper right hand corner, here you'll find the integrations tab.

2. Once you navigate to the Integration tab click on SalesforceIQ.

3. Log into Interseller using your Salesforce credentials, accept the permissions asked. We use these permissions to send and read data from your Salesforce account so we can de-duplicate against your Salesforce leads and contacts and create new contact if they do not exist.

4. (Optional) Afterwards, you'll come back to the Salesforce screen where you can modify how Interseller interacts with Salesforce. 

  • There are three contact syncing options. We can either sync nothing, create only new contacts and associate existing ones to Interseller, or create new contacts and warn you when the same contact exists in Salesforce.
  • You can change how we sync it into Salesforce either as a Lead or Contact. If you sync it as an Contact, we'll automatically create the Account if it doesn't exist.
  • By default, all messages sent and first replies are synced into Salesforce. That way you don't have to BCC anything or forward emails into your Salesforce account.
  • You can also customize which fields are sent over into Salesforce and how we create Leads/Contacts. We default to Salesforce's mapping so this is completely optional.

5. (Optional) Additionally, you can add our Salesforce button into Interseller

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