Interseller can help automatically sync contacts straight into Interseller and log all email activity to each contact. Interseller can also de-duplicate contacts and warn you if you're messaging anyone that's already in your HubSpot contacts.

Integrating Interseller into HubSpot

1. Visit the Integrations tab inside Interseller and click the HubSpot button

2. Log into your HubSpot account

3. Accept the permissions for Interseller to interact with your HubSpot account. We use this integration to check to see if a contact exists inside HubSpot and sync over their contact information if it doesn't exist. Check out our privacy policy on how we interact with your data.

4. (Optional) Select the way you'd like Interseller to interact with HubSpot

  • You can choose just to sync new contacts over to HubSpot if it doesn't exist and additionally warn you if you're messaging someone who exists in HubSpot
  • You can also choose which fields and data we sync into HubSpot

5. (Optional but recommended) Set up HubSpot's BCC email with Interseller. This will allow all emails sent from Interseller to be logged in HubSpot. You'll need to go to your HubSpot settings, then go to "Sales" and click on "Log emails in CRM". There you'll see the BCC address that you will need to copy. Head back into Interseller and paste it in the BCC box in your Interseller email settings.

You're all set, now whenever you add contacts into Interseller, we'll automatically add them into your HubSpot account and check against your HubSpot contacts to make sure you're never sending duplicate messages again!

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