Our Crelate integration allows Interseller to automatically sync contacts added to a sequence into Crelate. 

To connect Crelate with Interseller, you'll need to have both an Interseller and Crelate account. In the CRM/ATS tab under Integrations, select Crelate and enter in your Crelate API key to connect it to Interseller. 

You can find your Crelate API key in your Personal Settings. 

Once you've connected Crelate to Interseller, you can choose between the following options:

  • Do not sync contacts - this won't sync any contacts in your sequences into Crelate
  • Sync new contacts - this will only sync new contacts added to sequences after Crelate is connected to Interseller
  • Sync contacts and prevent messages to existing - this will sync contacts that were added to sequences after Crelate is connected and will warn you if you're sending messages to duplicated contacts
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